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Anne Hathaway Filmography ( Rich and Famous )

Full Name: Anne Jacqueline Hathaway Whitney.
Born: November 12, 1982 in New York.
Relatives: father - Gerard Hathaway, a lawyer and his mother - Kate McCauley, a theater actress and singer, the brothers - Michael and Thomas.
Education: Graduated from the Faculty of English Literature College ' Vassar '. Hobbies: Ballet, History of Art.
Favorite: the writer - Charles Dickens, Actress - Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman, food - sushi, broccoli with brown rice.

' Bride Wars ' ( 2009).

' Dancing with Shiva '.
' Passengers '.
' Get Smart ' ( 2008).
' Jane Austen ' (2007).
' The Devil Wears Prada' ( 2006).
' Brokeback Mountain ' (2005).
' Princess Diaries - 2'.
' Ella Enchanted ' (2004).
' Princess Diaries ' ( 2001).
' In reality' - the series (1999).

Adam and Annie.

- How quickly forgot his beloved Anne in the arms of new boyfriend, and yet until recently insisted that without Raffaello Folleri can not imagine life - sarcastically whispered in the corridors Hollywood Ladies. Of course, all this they said just behind her in the eyes of sympathizing with a female actress and showing solidarity. But Anne had long known the price of sincerity colleagues and why did their best to keep secret his new novel. And maybe, just wanted to figure out their own feelings? .

' Ann, did you have with it all so seriously? ' . ' Live - see ' - evasively answered the girl, who became for some time now cautious in matters relating to her personal life. It was only when he was alone with him, she gives vent to accumulated emotions: as you know, last year was very difficult for her. ... Anne will begin a new life and create a little paradise, which will be soon as she and Adam. And let their prosperity will not last long, most importantly - they are good together. 'You have got to know friends in common? . ... After all, why it should report on each passing day in front of millions of curious? . But is it such a glory dreamed of when young Anne enthusiastically looking at your favorite actresses on the screen impersonations of her childhood dream of a fairy-tale world of cinema?.

Anne Hathaway: Princess 's dream? .

- I. do your homework in English - not once said she. - Do you really not going to speak this weekend and we will hold them all together with his father, Thomas and Michael? .

- Of course, my girl, I've promised that this weekend will stay at home - said Kate, smiling, left the room. Anne had no doubt: the mother realized that she was not busy homework, but joined in the game, respecting her right to her childhood secrets.

The diary, which has been kept for several days fourteen girl, did not keep terrible secrets, but because Anne did not want anyone to read these records: secretive, like all Scorpios, she more than anything else did not like the invasion of her privacy. No wonder a few years later the diary she tells of her first ' adult ' victory - Approval of the role of this in the movie! . Until now, she wrote about all sorts of trivia. Oh, if Anne could have imagined what will turn this innocent passion - to keep a diary!. But then she had no idea what awaited her event, and enjoyed the good fortune fallen down, diligently taught the role, learning the basics of cinematography, and struggled to match its new status. In fact, until recently, the producers thought the girl seventy-three meter rise too high to represent the children, but too young to perform adult roles. In order not to waste time on the advice of mother - young actress Hathaway engaged in singing: the good, the inheritance she got a wonderful voice. And of course, support for relatives: Gerard and Kate created all conditions to develop the talents of his daughter, by the nature. Later, when the girl started talking to the press, inclined to perceive all the hidden meaning journalists can not fail to notice: Anne Hathaway a budding - full namesake of the wife of William Shakespeare, which, in their opinion, and determined its life in art. However, neither the Hathaway nor her family had never confirmed the assumption, if Anne was named after the wife of the English classics. Nevertheless, the wheel of fate has been started. In 1998, Ann has successfully passed the test and was approved for one of the roles in the television series ' in reality': Dreams took on flesh.

A year later she was offered the first major role in the life. So college student Anne Hathaway from New Jersey, where at that time the family lived for a time turned into a modest schoolgirl Mia Thermopolis in San Francisco. It was then, probably, Annie took a stack of neatly folded in his desk, the next book. ' As a child I had a diary, but I kept it very badly written nonsense like: ... And then did not explain why. Prior to the filming of ' The Princess Diaries ' I started a new one, this. Since then they have accumulated for several. You know, you feel such satisfaction when the book ends with. It's as if the book turns the head of my life. And you think: what next? ' .

And then it started turning around the cinematic hoopla: rehearsals, recording and rehearsing again - in short, everything to which she only recently could not even hope. Another would be: for the young Anne be on the same site with the famous Julie Andrews in the film of the Harry Marshall - author of ' Baby ' and ' Runaway Bride ' - is not it a fabulous gift! . I phoned the hotel and was told I was approved. I was so happy! . But most importantly, her efforts were not just seen: the morning after the film's release in America in 2001 on the rising star actress Hathaway said all. ' I very much like her heroine. We have two - one hundred percent muddler and love to fool around. The difference is that I have, unfortunately, there is the kingdom '- modestly commented Anne his success as a newly- country princess of Genovia. ' Multi-faceted talent Anne Hathaway - a combination of Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland ' - not trying to hold back emotions directed by Marshall. Some critics considered the recognition of Harry's a good start-up in advance, Ann. And the audience, without going into details and comparisons, just accepted it with enthusiasm Princess Mia. It soon became clear that this film among the five highest-grossing pictures of the year. Now, the talented performer starring began receiving attractive offers, but she followed the advice of parents treated them over carefully. In addition, filming had to be combined with classes in college ' Vassar, where she studied from 2000, learning the subtleties of English Literature. ' Time spent in college, well: after all, you learn to be an adult ' - said Hathaway, proud of the fact that his favorite actress ever finished Meryl Streep. The fact that a few years later they meet on a film set, Ann, of course, did not know. Yet the tale of the transformation of Cinderella into a princess for her has already begun.

Enchanted Anne.

- Annie, you're not afraid to play only a lifetime of magical beauties? . - Believe me, in our profession there is nothing worse than to be an actress of one role.

- You know, Mom, I somehow convinced that I was not threatened, - blithely said Anne, looking at his reflection in the mirror. - You'll see, still played a role, or some ugly. vamp! .

Kate could not help but delight Anne successes, but as a professional, she knew: her little girl growing up and going out of the age when invited to a fairy tale for teenagers. And for more serious roles, she does not have sufficient experience. But there is another signed contract. Of course, this is a rare good fortune that her daughter noticed and appreciated in Hollywood, but Mrs. McCauley knew from experience how painful it is to fall, especially after such a meteoric rise.

Anne Hathaway, but the very thoughts are not troubled: it is possible for them simply had no spare time: about to begin work on the film ' Ella Enchanted ', and yet it has promised Harry Marshall to participate in the continuation of ' Princess '. For the upcoming filming had to give up the lead role in the film ' Phantom of the Opera ', which promised to become the new kinosensatsiey. In addition, there she could fully express his talent is another: director Joel Schumacher insisted that all actors are sure to sing themselves, and Hathaway, with its breathtaking coloratura soprano could not be more suited to the role of Christine Daye. But to break a promise, Ann decided not to. So in 2004, again appeared on the screens in the form of matured Mia, which earned her another batch of glory and love of family comedy fans. However, she decided for herself: ... To appear in them was nice, but I do not want to sit at a party at a fairy tale for the rest of life '. A chance to test themselves in a new capacity introduced soon.


- Anne Hathaway? . - Your nominee selected for filming in the youth drama about a girl. with a difficult fate. What do you call? . You are ready to consider our proposal? .

Ann was tormented by doubts as to whether to agree to the shooting of this film. Her heroine - addict is finally behind bars? . Others, she explained the decision this way: ' I do not drink, do not use drugs. And not because I have a positive. Just in front of me was originally opened great possibilities, and there were no restrictions. But here, in spite of the wealth, the true value of the material has never been '. Hathaway is not confused even the need for the first time to play Topless: ' I have always believed that this can be done only in case that does require a picture of the plot '. However, for fans who are accustomed to see your favorite actress caramel pie, girls, her appearance in a completely opposite role was more than unexpected. However, Annie felt the whole charm of the negative charisma of new characters, set off to the winds: the next it ' achievement ' was the role of wife. flamboyant gay man in the tape ' Brokeback Mountain '. For her, Ann has agreed to whiten their luxurious chestnut hair. Questions from the press than it drew its plot scandalous tape, the girl replied: ...

Fortunately the very fate of her unfortunate latent homosexual couple is clearly not threatened, because the life of twenty-two Anne Hathaway appeared a real man - one of which on the day they first met, she recorded in her diary: ' It was love at first sight. '. Now, finally, in a palette of her acting experiences, there was an incredible feeling, and so on-screen passion her characters become more believable. No wonder every time on the set of directors asked Anne to recall their own state and just pass it. But all that she experienced up to this point, even with a stretch could not be called love, friendship, sympathy, passion - how can they compare with what you experience on a single idea, which now guess the meaning of life? .

Love is like a piece of evidence.

... A happy movie star image, which were filled with all the glossy publication in 2004, only confirmed what was said. After all, pictures speak louder than words love couple talked about the fact that in all their lives are better than ever. ' That 's my favorite movie is far from the world - just wonderful! . - We have no professional jealousy, but there is always something to talk about: I'm interested to hear stories about Raffaello estate, and he enjoys my success ' - never tired of repeating Hathaway. Follieri was smiling in agreement: ...

Even avid for sensations paparazzi as they tried, could not get dirt on the famous couple - their relationship was truly perfect, always together, damaging relationships are not seen. That there may be interesting? . But there was just where to turn, because the actress confirmed the role, which, apparently, was to become another jewel in its crown. Soon critics predictions were confirmed: Andy from the glamorous ' The Devil Wears Prada' has managed to not get lost in the background most Meryl Streep! . ... This role is offered to many young actresses, but for some reason refused to. And I immediately said ' Yes! ' . I liked the fact that she has found a way to live in this world. I felt a connection with her. But the main thing - was able to watch Meryl: She 's gorgeous, beautiful, fearless and incredibly talented. I still do not understand how she did it, but I have something to remember ' - confessed Hathaway, impressed by their teamwork. ' I had to erect a wall between us and stay vredinoy, even from the comfort of the frame to help Annie get into character ' - a wise smile Meryl.

Experience gained on the set, turned in handy: it is Anne worked with Patricia Field, stylist for the show ' Sex and the City '. Thanks to the Hathaway be refined his attitude to couture. Although Anne has remained true to the free style, and now she has an incentive to carefully monitor themselves: of course, Raffaello loved her not only for the ability to dress with taste, but like any girl, Hathaway wanted to look perfect. By the way, for the sake of Raffaello, who has repeatedly assured the girl that her perfect form, she refused on the interval to lose weight for another role, saying: ' I'm an actress, but in this case, the main talent, and not look like a top model. I do my few extra pounds do not interfere! ... And I was right: after all, for the filming of the film ' Jane Austen ' on the fate of the cult British writer, they were very useful to her: so she is much more in line with the canons of beauty of the XIX century. And although romance novels, Austen described were based on the only real stories that occurred in the early days of her youth, Anne, worrying is the best time in my life, the role of the writer adored failed. ' Lord, how to live well! ...

Their romance, which in the spring of 2008 was four years old, was in full swing. Contrary to the predictions of psychologists, assured that very prolonged foreplay will never end the marriage, the young people to think seriously about how to legalize their relationship. Raphael was always thoughtful and considerate, do not forget to please the woman he loves pleasing trivia: the original decoration, or a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant a respectable hotel on an exotic island. Evening, palm trees, surf, heady scent of tropical plants. Annie truly believed: she earned the right to be happy, because nothing angered God by abiding by strict rules, which are absorbed from the mother's milk. So what happened later, it seemed a terrible dream, which for some reason did not disappear even with the advent of the day.

' Diaries ' Princess ' became the property of the FBI ', ' Actress implicated in. ' - She threw in the hearts of the newspaper. ' Is it all really happening to me? . - Rafaello Folleri charged with fraud under investigation, the court will have all the personal belongings that were stored in his house, confiscated until the end of the investigation. Some absurd! . Perhaps Anne has never been so bad as it is now: since the early summer of 2008, its ' official boyfriend ' was accused of embezzling several million dollars of real estate scams, life became hell Hathaway. While some cynical colleagues noticed that the best bad reputation than none at all, her early years with the accustomed only to the positive reviews in his address, a sneer was absolutely no need for.

Anne did not know how much time spent in a heavy stupor. We note only that in the windows of neighboring houses lights came. Looking through my tears at the lights of passing cars, Hathaway once again vowed to myself it will never be. diary. Who could imagine that this is a harmless hobby one day make her thoughts and feelings are the property of thousands of people? . In the end, nobody in the world is safe from fraud and error. And what is actually her fault? . A sound mind in one thing: ' He lied '.

When the time after Hathaway managed to cope with depression, she immediately told the press: ... I realized that I need to do what you love, and to no one for it is not justified '. Friends claim the actress: she is struggling to follow this. And so from the painful memories are not gone, Ann removed from the phone number of your notebook Raffaello and stopped answering his calls. Detractors immediately accused the actress of betraying former lover, but close to unanimous support for her, Annie has a right to.

What now wants Anne Hathaway? . Whatever it was, life does not end there: it has to be truly happy, because now the person next to her, for which you want to live.

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