среда, 30 мая 2012 г.


a. Think about the concept and business model. Finish.
2. calculate the economy. Approximately ready, lay out later.
3. Make a concept design. Finish.
4. Make an offer. Almost ready, lay out later.
5. Find potential partners. Through a friend found the exits to the owners of several decent restaurants. They - the potential base for business. It is based on conversations with them will decide whether to run the project. Negotiations have not yet conducted.
6. To determine the personnel. Two directions: the drivers and the operator. As drivers, we have the option of a partnership with the transport company, they will be negotiated. Operator - looking for a live aunt or uncle living who sit at home with internet and phone and not with a baby, they know how to talk and have no work.
7. Prepare the constituent documents. almost done.
8. Find a registered office and company registration. With its registered office until everything is very defined, but as an option is always possible to just buy a legal address for the specialized firm (usually a firm that deals with the recording ).
9. To determine the platform for the website. We plan to take a ready open source online shop, for example OpenCart.
10. Attach to the site identity and set it up.
11. Decide on the hosting. Hosted want good, because there is a desire to make the Internet a normal environment for group work with what some tracker.
12. Launch site.
13. Buy the phone, and phone number.
14. Prepare background materials: instructions for drivers, operators, restaurateurs.
15. Conclude contracts with restaurants.
16. Decide to print checks and cash register for the service delivery. It will make or operator, and then suffers logistics, because each driver will have to call in for a check, or a transport company.
17. Elaborate marketing campaign.
18. Develop and print marketing materials, organize the distribution of.
19. Zarugistrirovatsya in the GIS system.
20. Break in the scheme ( by the order in his food).
21. Control the process and implement a marketing company, to solve problems that arise at the start.

Phew. like all. Suggestions, comments?.
Watch looks like a project in Microsoft Project.

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