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Twilight: Eclipse

But Meyer was something more than just a new way to beat the theme of confrontation between vampires and werewolves. She made this eternal story of unrequited love and inaccessible.

For those who do not know, a plot like this: a teenage girl, a renegade from the incomplete family moved from the mother to live with her ​​father. And the teenager is keen on the pale, cool cars. He is a vampire and falls in love with her ​​too, but always pushes away from you chattering so familiar ... Lurking on the periphery of the other muscular gentleman who has the main character repeats the same words. Who among us has not experienced similar feelings? .

In fact, all. It was the story of the first, second and third parts. The fourth part more fun - there was still a Belle polknigi fuck with a vampire, and even fly from this. However, you as the opposers of the literature on this is still too early to know.

So the book is pretty boring and more like a diary of a teenage girl than actually touches the female part of the audience. As the film.

Here is what can really be given credit for this film, it's an incredible atmosphere. For this indicator, like Twilight are among the ten best grossing films of the atmospheric.

Twilight - a film that does not have to think. There should empathize. Sit, or a handkerchief to wipe his eyes and the edge of the sleeves to impose deeds of heroes on their own. The magnificent movie!.

Actually the film. Eclipse, in my view, the action is somewhere between the first and second part of the. New Moon was livelier. In Eclipse, 90% of the film - is throwing Bella between Edward and Jacob. She finally admits that she loves both sucks and even with both, but chooses Edward. This is fucked up, but the look and believe it. Because such a fucked up time and again.

Even the selection of an epic. Edward can not fuck with Bella because he is ' old school '. He will keep the honor of the beloved. And Jacob puts her passionately by force, is up all night with her half-naked in a sleeping bag, drags on his hands and is clearly not averse to light a stronger. But here's the heroine chooses a pale gentleman. ode to chastity.

Against this background, all other events such as no longer so important. Someone out there is gathering an army of vampires, one that condones. Suddenly, Jason, who was in the first series of new converts, became a hero of the Civil War. There was another flashback of Rosalie, to show how difficult it is to become a vampire, but remain with the person. But it's not important. Even at the end of the battle is not much more impressive and strong sense of the battle, Edward and Victoria.

I would not recommend the film to men, if you are not promised for a blowjob or even more, for example, to look with you quarterfinals, Argentina, Germany or go to the Raptors. But the girls and impressionable young men - the most it. You will find themselves in the heroes. And this is probably the main achievement of the Twilight.

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